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To request a Good Standing Letter or Change your Primary System designation:


  To request a Letter of Good Standing from Silver Cross EMS in order to join/enter another EMS System,

please do so in writing then fax or scan and email your request ensuring you include ALL of the following...

    1. Your full name, current home address and email for reference.

    2. Your request letter may be typed or hand written, but MUST be signed and dated.

        The request must state "I am requesting a letter of good standing to enter _____ System".

    3. State the full name and fax number of the System (not agency/department) you plan to enter.

    4. State "I am going into _____ System as primary or secondary".

        If going to another System as primary you must also state 1 of the 2 following statements:

        1) "I plan to stay in Silver Cross EMS with _____ agency" (state the Silver Cross EMS agency)


        2) "I am dropping Silver Cross since I will no longer work for one of its agencies"

        You may not stay in Silver Cross unless you will remain employed by one of our agencies/departments!

    5. You may also ask for your SMO date/score to be included in your good standing letter if you are going into a

        another Region 7 System.

    6. Include a phone number you can be reached at (preferably a cell phone number) should our office

        have any questions regarding your request.

    Email Marilyn or fax this letter of request to our office at 815-300-7917, allowing 5 business days for processing.

    Once the letter is prepared it will be faxed directly to the EMS System you are entering.

    Good Standing letters are sent from System to System only; never to any agency or individual.




Providers who wish to CHANGE their primary EMS SYSTEM status must do so by emailing Marilyn or faxing a letter (signed and dated) to 815-300-7917. Your agency EMS Coordinator may NOT make this change for you.


This letter must come directly from you, the EMS provider,

include a return phone number in case of questions, and

state the System name you are changing to primary, and to secondary.


If you are switching into another System as primary you must state if you plan to stay with Silver Cross and if so with which one of our agencies/departments.


If you are switching SCEMSS to your primary then you MUST also include copies of your CE from your previous System. In this System we have "2-year checks/mid-point reviews" of your CE meaning that half way through your renewal period (exactly 2 years prior to your license expiration) we document that you've completed at least half of the required CE needed for your license renewal. If you switch to our System as primary and your 2-yr check date has passed then we need that CE in order to make the switch.


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